Why Keep A Dog As the Emotional Support Animal

Emotional Support Animals or ESAs are pet animals that help their human companions control and keep at bay various Mental disorders. The mental disabilities that include depression, panic attacks, Post Traumatic Stress disorder, and more, render the people unable to carry on a normal life. The pet animals are designated as support animals by a licensed mental health specialist. Though the approved prescription for an ESA people adopt pets and gain support from them as they require. 




Through an emotional support dog letter, you can have a pet dog as your ESA and add to the growing list of satisfied ESA owners. The human-dog partnership dates back thousands of years. Dogs once kept for utilitarian purposes such as hunting, are now kept as members of the household, whose job is to provide their humans with the company. Over the past several centuries dogs have been extensively bred such that there are nearly 200 dog breeds. Each breed has its own distinct characteristics, and each individual dog its own personality. The history, the characteristics, the demeanor, etc. places the dog as one of the most suitable animals to be ESAs. 

The various breeds you can choose from

According to the American Kennel Club, there are 197 different dog breeds. These dogs can be grouped according to their size, their lifespan, their type, etc. When you decide upon choosing a pet dog as your support animal, you open up a lot of options for yourself. Researching into each breed you will find that:

Some breeds are friendly and dependent upon their human companion. Such breeds will no doubt make for great support animals, as they will provide the necessary constant companionship— a win-win situation.

There are others that are distinctive for their high-intelligence and ease of trainability. These pooches will get accustomed to the training easily. As training your pet dog to become obedient and sociable is crucial for an ESA, you can train these dogs to do just that.

Some breeds are known for their low to moderate energy and don’t need much space to be comfortable. These breeds will allow you to have a pet animal around as your ESA, even if you are living in a small apartment. The low-energy levels make them suitable for pet parents who don’t have the energy or time to engage the pet in physical exercise. 

Each breed will have its own advantages, most of which are attractive to many prospective ESA owners. However, it is best if you find the breeds that combine the various qualities and characteristics. Such breeds will naturally become great support animals.

The high intelligence and trainability

Dogs have high intelligence and with a friendly demeanor, these animals are open to learning just about anything. With the right training and using effective techniques, you can even train your pet dog to sense your need for emotional support. Many support animals are thus trained to show support and attend to their companions through staying at their feed, playing their head in their lap, leaning against you, etc. Breeds such as Poodles, Labradors, German Shepherds are known to have such qualities. To register your pet as an ESA you may need an ESA letter.

Naturally affectionate and loyal

Many pet animals are affectionate, and they shower their companions with lots of love and attention. However, the pooch is one of a kind, as with these qualities it will become a great part of your household. Such purely affectionate dogs are excellent family dogs, that love to be around its people and give and receive affection. Their loyalty at a time takes the shape of protectiveness, however, this allows the dogs to be excellent with children and seniors. For someone with a family with children, such an ESA will be a great addition.

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